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Anesthetic & Patient Monitoring



  Our veterinarians perform all surgeries with both the use of a veterinary assistant and anesthetic monitoring equipment to monitor the patient throughout the surgical procedure. Our monitoring equipment uses both visual and auditory signals to alert the veterinarian of any potential problems. The various anesthetic monitoring that we offer includes continuous heart monitoring through the use of an esophageal stethoscope, continual ECG, heart rate, extrinsic blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature.

  After surgery, your pet is moved to a recovery room that has its own separate heating element, allowing this room to stay nice and toasty warm for your pet to wake up to. Every effort is made to ensure that your pet has the best possible outcome from surgery. In addition to keeping our recovery room stress free and warm, we also continue to monitor your pet while they are there. After surgery, you pet is moved to a recovery warming cocoon. This coccoon monitors both their heart rate and their respiratory rate. IV warmers are used before, during, and after surgery on all surgical patients to ensure that the fluid therapy helps maintain your pet's correct body temperature.

  In addition, we also offer heart evaluations with the use of EKG, blood pressure, and heart rate monitoring systems for non-anesthetized patients.

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