Small Animal Dentistry



   Cats and dogs can begin showing the signs of dental disease by three years of age. Routine dental exams, along with proper dental hygiene, can be used to combat both dental disease and stinky pet breath.

  When you book a dental appointment, rest assured that our experienced veterinarians are the ones performing the procedures and assessing the individual needs of the pet. Pets are put under general anesthesia and the equipment used cleans both above and below the gum line as well as polishes the tooth surface to insure the best possible results.

  Dr. Wood has had extensive post-doctorate training in order to provide the best possible results when dealing with both canine and feline dental disease. She is experienced in providing root canals, extrasions, and routine dental cleanings. Dr. Wood is also partnered with several specialists in order to provide the best care possible for your pet. Call today to book your pet's dental assessment!

Before Dental - Stage 2 Gingivitis.                                                                    After Dental


                                              Our blue light makes tartar appear pink!

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