Small Animal Critical Care


  We are the only critical care hospital in the area. We are set up to run blood transfusions on a moment's notice. Our experienced veterinarians have the tools and knowledge to do orthopedic, obstetric, and other emergency surgeries with the safest anesthesia, along with complete monitoring of the heart and lungs of the patient. Our veterinarians are on-call 24/7 and continue to check on the patient even after the surgery is done. In addition, we have a complete in-house diagnostic lab that allows us to quickly diagnose internal organ functions. We also have the capabilities to send digital radiographs directly to our partner specialists immediately for consult within the hour.

  Our veterinary hospital is equiped to handle even the worst emergencies. We have an isolation ward that is housed in a separate wing of the hospital to ensure that potentially contagious diseases, such as Parvo or Distemper, are not transmitted to another patient under our experienced veterinarians care. 

  Our hospitalized patients are under veterinary care every day of the week. 

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