Pet Dental Month - Fast Facts

January 27, 2016

February is national Pet Dental Health Month, but at Butler Veterinary Clinic in Valetnine, Nebraska, we are celebrating this from January 15-March 15th by educating our pet parents. Our whole team works hard to give you information about how to maintain your pet's healthy teeth when you come in for your pet's exams. 


However, there’s lots to know about pet dental health.



Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month with us by finding out a few fast facts about your furry friend’s chompers.



1.) By age 3, 70% of cats & 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease (Source: American Veterinary Dentistry College). A periodontal disease is one affecting teeth & their surrounding structures, including their gum. Compared to a human's mouth, dogs have 10 more teeth, with a total of 42 teeth! With all of those teeth, there is more room for dental disease!


2.) There are several signs that indicate that your pet may suffer from periodontal disease. During Pet Dental Health Month and throughout the year, keep an eye out for:

  • Bad breath

  • Difficulty chewing

  • Oral discomfort

  • Blood-tinged drool.

3.) Prevention is key to your pet’s dental health! The majority of oral problems stem from the build up of bactiera! There are a variety of products available, including toothpaste, chews, rinses, & water additives, that you can use to prevent bacteria from accumulating.


We highly recommend BRUSHING your pet's teeth - it is the Number 1 way to keep their teeth healthy! However, we know that getting them adjusted to tooth brushing can be tricky at first and some pets will not allow it no matter how hard you try.


Do you know why we recommend the tooth paste that we do? It will actually help kill bacteria in your pet’s mouth WITHOUT having to brushing. Yup – you can just let your pet lick the toothpaste, and it will help, granted not as well as brushing but it will help. That’s a great way to start working them up to actually brushing.

 Want a more personalized approach to your pet’s dental health? Schedule a complimentary dental health evaluation by calling 402-376-1500. We will score the health of your pet’s teeth & give you a customized home dental care plan! Does your pet have extra stinky breath or loose teeth? We are happy to explain the process of a professional dental cleaning and get your pet scheduled!


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