Cancer - the ugly killers

April 28, 2016

Cancer is not only one of the leading killer of is also a leading killer in our pets.


Just like in their human companions, we see skin, kidney, liver, spleen, and bone cancers in the animals that mean so much to us.


But cancer doesn't have the be an end......many cancers, if found early, can be treated, and if not cured, slowed down considerably to allow more quality time for you and your pet.



At Butler Veterinary Clinic, we consider ourselves lucky that we get to witness the bond between pets and their parents form from the day you welcome them into your home until their last goodbye. Just like us, as pets age, we see more age related health issues such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, and yes....even cancer.


Some breeds of dogs and cats are more prone to certain cancers and other health issues.


Large breed dogs (those over 60lbs) are more likely to suffer from osteosarcoma - bone cancer. White haired +/- fair skinned cats are also likely to suffer from skin cancer.



For more information about breed per-dispositions, please visit


 Just like the wide variety of cancers, there is a wide variety of treatment plans. These include surgical removal and/or chemotherapy treatments performed by Dr. Wood to referral to oncology specialists for removal, highly targeted chemotherapy, or radiation therapy. Each treatment plan is tailored to your pet's specific diagnosis, stage, and family situations.


In our healthy senior pets, we recommend bi-annual physical exams and blood work evaluations every 6-12 months. If your pet has any underlying medical condition (diabetes, kidney disease, obesity etc) Dr. Wood will recommend protocols tailored for your pet. These physical exams and blood work evaluations allow Dr. Wood to better track the age progression of your pet and potentially catch major health issues before they are problem.



If you have any questions or would like to schedule your pet's cancer screening with Dr. Wood, please call us at (402) 376-1500 or book online - by selecting the Book Now feature at the top of the webpage. 




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