Increase in Hit-By-Car Accidents

May 20, 2015

As the area's only companion animal veterinary hospital available 24 hours for emergencies, we are seeing a huge increase of trama victims. Remember this is the time of the year that kids are out playing with their pets as well as other increased outdoor activities.


The trama that vehicles inflict can range from broken bones to internal bleeding. It is extremely important that your pet is seen right away after an accident. Our advanced in-house diagnostic center can help determine if your pet suffers from any of these issues. Remember adrenial can mask a multitude of problems.


Dr. Wood has extensive experience in critical and emergency care. In addition to soft tissue repair (diaphragmatic hernia repairs, ruptured bladders, and lacerations), Dr. Wood excells in orthopedic repairs (broken & dislocated bones).


If your pet has been hit by a car, or has had another tramatic injury, it is best to seek emergency care as soon as possible. If your pet is bleeding excessively, apply pressure to the area immediately by using a cloth, paper towel, shirt or whatever is first available. If bleeding persist, do not remove the first material but apply another on top of it. Duct tape, other bandage material  or even a shirt can be wrapped around a wound to apply pressure. If your pet will not allow you to apply pressure it is best to keep them quiet in carrier.  This will decrease the blood loss & will aid in transporting your pet into the clinic for care.  Always contact your veterinarian as soon as possible to let them know you are coming in.


Call us at (402) 376-1500. Remember, Butler Veterinary Clinic is located on West Highway 20. Look for the big Blue Roof!

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