Boarding Policy Changes

December 3, 2014

The care you pet receives at Butler Veterinary Clinic is second-to-none. Each pet receives individualized

attention and play times that are specifically tailored for them. We have 5 exercise and play yards for your pet's use throughout the day. Outdoor play time is offered 5+ times per day. Our high-energy pets (such as Puppies and Hunting Breed dogs) that need more exercise, are encouraged to play with additional play periods at no extra charge. Our elderly visitors that need more individual attention and potty breaks are catered to as well.

   Each pet gets individual play time unless they are family members and get along , or frequently have play time with another family. With both sets of pet parents' consent, we are happy to let your pet play with another if you desire. Our policy of individual play time is for your pet's safety.


 Dr. Wood personally checks on all of the animals every day and night. She administers morning and evening medications, allowing her to do a brief exam on all of our visitors. In addition to checking your pets throughout the day, she also makes a late evening, bedtime check each night. In addition to interacting with Dr. Wood, your pet also has play time and treat time with our compassionate team members throughout the day.

   Treat time is our favorite time of the day, so much so that it happens twice a day! Every treat that is sold here has first been approved by our visiting pets. We happily provide treats for everyone. If you prefer to bring your own treats (or if your pet requires special/prescription treats) we are happy to reward your pet with the treats you have brought. In addition we offer the choice of a peanut butter filled Kong ($3), Pig Ears ($1.50), Pressed Rawhide Bones (4" - $2 or 8" - $3.50), as well as any bag of treats to take home (price dependent).


   We are proud of our remodeled Kennels and Play Areas, as well as, our dedicated team that is

passionate about your pet's care. Comfortable beds, pillows, and rugs complete each suite to provide the home-like feeling each pet deserves. Our radio is set to KVSH so your pouch can keep up with the latest Valentine Badger sport scores and listen to some great country music while they rest after play times.

While our services remain the same, some of our policies are changing:

   A price increase of $0.50 will be present on all VIP Boarding Rates. Non-VIP Boarding Rates will have a price increase of $2.50.
To qualify for the VIP Boarding Rates, your pet must be current on all vaccinations with us AND payment for boarding must be received when your pet arrives or departs from our boarding lodge. Healthy pets are our business. To reward you for keeping your pet healthy and taking the necessary precautionary steps (yearly exams and vaccinations) we are pleased to have you our VIP Boarding Club.


  In addition, our pick-up policy has changed. A full day’s boarding is charged for the day your pet is checked in until noon the next day.  If your pet stays past noon, you will be charged for a half-day. Our special after-hours pick-up/drop-off policy remains the same - $10 fee for pick-up/drop-off during chore time and a $30 fee for non-chore time pick-up requests. After-hours pick-up on Saturdays is 5:30 PM and on Sundays, 9:00 AM & 5:30 PM. Please let us know so we can look for you at these times

If you have any questions concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know!





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