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Come in and enjoy our warm, welcoming reception area. Our exam rooms offer comfort to both you and your pet during their physical exams. Our complete, advanced in-house diagnostic laboratory allows for immediate results, instead of waiting days for hematology, blood plasma and serum chemistry, CBCs, thyroid and cholesterol testings, EKG evaluations, urinalysis, internal and external parasite testings, as well as yearly diagnostic tests for heartworm, feline leukemia, and FIV. Our in-house digital radiography suites allow us to take images and have direct consultation with specialists. Our on-site pharmacy has all of your pet's prescription needs. We also are proud of our surgical suite that was specifically designed to allow us to perform a wide array of surgical procedures, ranging from extensive soft-tissue surgery to complex orthopedic procedures. Our dental suite allows us to perform minor orthodontic corrections, extractions, and routine cleaning and polishing. For your pet's non-medical needs, we have a well stocked retail store, offering a broad range of high quality pet care products. Our spacious boarding facilities and out-door play areas offer fun and relaxation to accommodate our overnight and long-term guests. Our trained and experienced groomer is also available. 

Before Dr. James Butler and his wife founded Butler Veterinary Clinic, the Butler Veterinary Clinic building was once home to an autobody shop. Since 1960, our building has seen remodels and additions to transform the building into the modern veterinary hospital it is now. Over the years, our practice has seen many changes as we have expanded our facilites and services, enhanced our equipement and technology, and assembled our team of highly-skilled and caring professionals. The one thing that hasn't changed is our unwavering commitment to improving the live of animals and helping them lead a happy and healthy life.

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