Our Care Team


The dedication and support our team provides your pet is invaluable. Whether it is tummy rubs or pulse

monitoring, our highly trained team has your pet in caring hands. 

Brianna and Her Dogs
Brianna Mulligan
Client Service Rep

Brianna assists our veterinarians with both client and patient cares. She is able to focus on the other end of the leash and answer your specific questions about the care your animal receives. She is also able to get you the hard-to-find, special order products. 


Sue McEvoy
Client-Patient Caregiver

Sue joined our team in 2013 and since then has welcomed everyone with a warm smile. She is also the reason that all of us and many of our clients have given up on our New Year’s resolution to lose weight – she often spoils us with homemade goodies to share!

Patty Belville
Client-Patient Caregiver

Patty’s energy level can only be matched by the most rambunctious pets. Her smiling face and fun-loving attitude keeps all of the animals that come through our doors entertained and at ease.


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