Here, Dr. Wood is using the combination of acupuncture with massage therapy on Lucy

Massage Therapy



Massage has been reported to relieve pain, aid in relaxation, and promote a feeling of well-being in humans. In addition to helping to improve lymphatic drainage, circulation, and tissue movement, soft tissue massage is also thought to provide symptomatic relief of pain.

Massage may be indicated for dogs having surgery to maintain mobility and ease pain, after exercise to reduce muscle soreness, in animals with edema, and in animals with chronic ostereoarthritis to help ease muscle tension.

Massage causes traction at tissue interfaces. Horizontal plexuses lie at interfaces in the tissue, and gentle pulling on these vessels may stimulate the accompanying sympathetic nerves, which supply the mechanoreceptors. These receptors may be distorted by the massage, possibly lowering mechanoreceptors sensitivity and reducing pain and tenderness.

The flushing effect of massage on tissue fluids and removal of inflammatory mediators may increase the speed at which the inflammation resolves in humans with delayed-onset muscle pain after exercise.


Here are some of the techniques that we use. After your pet's consult with Dr. Wood she helps tailor a plan especially for your pet, using some of these techniques.


Massage Technique

  • Stroking

    • Run hands over the dog from neck to tain and down the limbs with medium pressure

      • This aids in relaxation of the dog and allows assessment of tissues; note muscle tone and any swelling, abscesses, or temperature differences between body areas.

  • Effleurage

    • Beginning at a distal area, such as the foot, the hands move inwards using medium pressure.

      • This helps move fluids to the lymph nodes and aids drainage.

  • Petrissage

    • Roll or kneads the soft tissues with medium pressure

      • This promotes muscle relaxation, decreases muscle stiffness, and increases blood flow.

Massage may be performed on isolated areas or on the entire limb and body. If the dog has a specific condition, local massage may be appropriate on a regular basis. General massage helps with treatment of compensatory conditions and biomechanical changes.


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