Large Animal Services

Our clinic offers everything from critical care to vaccinations and all of your herd health supplies. We are your full service veterinary hospital with advanced anesthetic monitoring, in-house diagnostic lab, and digital radiographs. Our goal, as your veterinarian, is to ensure that your herd maintains the highest quality of health to maximize their production abilities.

In-House Diagnostics


Our in-house diagnostic lab allows our veterinarians to do compressive profiles for a large variety of reasons, ranging from general health checks to complete pre-anesthetic panels. 

Digital Radiography

Our portable digital radiography suite allows for our veterinarians to produce images at the ranch, as well as, allowing us to send our radiographs to specialists within the hour for consultations.


Our veterinarians have over sixty years of combined surgical experience and focus on the safety of the patient using advanced anesthetic monitoring equipment,in addition to pain management and a smooth recovery.


Dental hygiene is as important for your animal as it is for you. Our practice offers dental services for both equine and bovine patients.

Advanced Surgery and Therapy Options reduces recovery time and prevents pain.
Laser Therapy & Surgery

Our clinic employees the advanced use of lasers to help reduce inflammation and pain, reduce bleeding during surgery, and speed the recovery process of both wounds and surgical sites.

Advanced, Emergency Veterinary Medicine in Valentine Nebraska
Critical Care & Hospitalization


We offer emergency veterinary services 24/7 for all of your animals.  You can reach our on-call veterinarian whenever the need arises at

(402) 376-1500.

Anesthetic & Patient Monitoring


In addition to having a veterinary assistant present to monitor the patient throughout surgery, our surgeries are performed with monitoring equipment that records the pet’s vital signs, such as: ECG, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, and respiration rates. These signs are also monitored on our critically ill patients. 

Reproductive Medicine


Butler Veterinary Clinic offers reproductive services for both your horse string and your cattle herd.

Vaccinations are important to maintain your pet's health
Preventative Health Care


Yearly check-ups allow us to prepare a health profile that will clue us in to problems, which many times are seen as natural changes due to age. Preventative health services help ensure that you and your pet get to spend as much time together as possible.

Cattle Working Chutes and Tub in V alentine Nebraska
Country Calls


With our portable chutes and tub, we are happy to travel out to your ranch for all of your veterinary needs!

Flea Tick and Mange Treatments as well as complete prescription needs


If our fully stocked pharmacy doesn’t have what you are looking for, we can receive your special order the next business day!

Products & Supplies


We carry an extensive supply of all of your pets' and herd's needs! If we don't have what you are looking for, let us know and we can order it for you!

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