Cat Nip Inn


Cats are housed in their own special room away from the dogs. We offer boarding suites for the kitties where their litterbox and beds are kept separate. Our dedicated Kitty Room can be closed off to allow the cats to run around and play in the room without risk of escape or canine intruders. The cats especially love lounging in the bay window and watching the activities outside!

We require that cats be current of FVRCP and Rabies vaccines. We also require that cats be free of parasites when they come to board.

We feed Science Diet pet food to all of our boarding pets. If your pet requires special food please bring it in, along with any needed medication.

We ask that all pets be picked up before 5:30 PM Monday – Friday and before Noon on Saturdays. Any pet picked up after hours will be charged an additional fee – $10 at chore time and $30 at non-chore time. We ask that you confirm your pickup times with the on-call veterinarian, which can be reached 24/7 at 402-376-1500.

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