Reproductive Medicine


Dr. Butler is happy to assist with reproduction in your cattle herd. We offer semen evaluation and breeding soundness examinations for all of your herd bulls. These examinations include both morphology and motility evaluations, as well as an overall physical checkup to determine if your bull is in breeding condition. These evaluations also include routine footrot vaccinations in order to prevent this disease from effecting your bull’s mobility.

Dr. Butler is experienced in offering artificial insemination services. These services are performed with a synchronizing treatment to obtain the best possible outcomes through A.I. Our veterinarians are happy to help you prepare your cattle herd for A.I. by offering the vaccinations, supplements, and heat detection patches, as well as offering to administer them.

Dr. Butler are also happy to examine your cow herd. We offer pregnancy exams both manually and using ultrasound technology. Our veterinarian are experienced and offer the highest level of accuracy possible with both manual and ultrasonic pregnancy checks. The use of the ultrasound technology allows our veterinarians to give you estimated calving dates, as well as offering the service of determining the sex of the fetus.



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