Bed N Biscuit Inn


Fearful that your canine isn’t getting as much exercise when you are

away? Don’t be. Each pet is excused from the building for both potty

breaks and play time a minimum of five times per day. They are let

out individually unless the dogs are from the same household and

enjoy each others company. Dogs that are high energy, puppies, and

older dogs that need to be let out, or fed, more frequently are allowed

to do so for no extra charge.

Butler Veterinary Clinic has also put in added precautions to insure

your pets safety while out in our play yards. Our fence is over 8 feet tall and has underground fencing to foil an houdini like escapes. In addition, we have no external gate that could potentially be left open.



Your pet’s safety and comfort is our highest priority. We have installed

the ForEver Lawn , an artificial grass made especially for dogs

comfort and protection. The dogs love to roll around on the soft

carpet-like surface.  The lawn helps to keep pets clean and gives

the older and disabled pets a safe, secure surface to walk on.

The surface is specifically designed for dogs and has antimicrobial

technology manufactured into each blade for prevention of disease.






We have large dog runs with clear, glass doors, and tiled walls and floors.

Butler Vet Clinic also offers several sizeable kennels to accommodate all pets boarding with us.

Our runs and kennels are furnished with a variety of comfortable nesting measures including:

Kuranda beds, dog hammocks, blankets, and rugs to ensure your pet’s comfort. We are proud

of our kennels and invite you to come in and see our dog lounge area.


A complimentary bath is given to all dogs who have boarded with us for three or more

consecutive nights.





We require all dogs to be current with DHP/Parvo, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines.

All pets must also be parasite free when they board with us.


We feed Science Diet pet food to all of our boarding pets. If your pet requires special food please bring it in, along with any needed medication.


We ask that all pets be picked up before 5:30 PM Monday – Friday and before Noon on Saturdays. Any pet picked up after hours will be charged an additional fee – $10 at chore time and $30 at non-chore time.


We ask that you confirm your pickup times with the on-call veterinarian, which can be reached 24/7 at 402-376-1500.

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